MABEL™ is smart. Like, really smart. And she can help you right now. Need updates in real-time on who to cut? Want to ensure your guests are being taken care of when your server is stuck in the kitchen? Want to know that your staff is held accountable for completed tasks? Wish someone else would put together the schedule for you? Don’t worry, MABEL™ has you covered – FOH to BOH.

Mobile 1 is

Phase 1

How do you make progress? Get Digital. Mobile 1 is the first step in your digital evolution – take it with us. Ensure that your team is doing their checklists on time and correctly and that everything is getting reported and logged. When issues arise, you know about them immediately and can follow their progress until they are resolved.


MABEL™ does it all (well, almost).

MABEL™ takes your historical and real-time data from your IoT (think PoS, cameras, Google, etc.), crunches the numbers and sends you (or your site managers) Smart Alerts in real-time. MABEL™ isn’t just another schedule or checklist. MABEL™ offers a holistic approach to running your restaurant. She augments your management team so that – even if they are inexperienced, understaffed or overworked – they have extra time and tools to get the job done. We’re pretty sure MABEL™ would wash dishes, too…if she had hands.

MABEL offers tools including

Learn more about why you should choose BYOD™ and the benefits that MABEL™ provides to your venue:

Streamline Your Venue’s Resources by Allowing MABEL™ to Work for You

  • Manager on Duty (MOD) is proactively sent completion of task and smart alerts
  • Creates efficiency while eliminating unnecessary redundancy
  • Ensures no tasks or alerts “fall through the cracks”
  • Eliminates unnecessary paperwork
  • Holds task owners accountable
  • Logbook keeps a cloud-based unchangeable record of all actions and history

  • Available to multiple users in one venue
  • Alerts and to-do needs arise early and can be dealt with before any loss is incurred

Customized Functionality for All of Your Needs

Our base product offers advanced analytics and real-time alerts in the areas that directly influence prime costs:

  • Sales
  • Labor
  • Customer Experience
  • Food & Beverage/Alcohol Cost

Our product can be customized to the needs of every restaurant operation, no matter how big or small. Additional functionality in food safety, food costs, beverage/liquor, operations and customer behavior are available.

You Don’t Just Get MABEL™ – You Get the Whole BYOD™ Team

Understanding the numbers is just the beginning. The BYOD™ team is here to help you break down your results and build a plan to meet your goals for:

  • Labor costs
  • Food costs
  • Monthly & yearly sales
  • Loss & waste
  • Overhead

Our team has decades of experience in front-of-house, back-of-house, and back-office operations both in a large chain and single-site venues.  MABEL can be integrated into single location, multi-unit and multi-concept groups. No restaurant is too big or too small. We currently help 75 seat units all the way through 350-seat locations with attached banquet facilities. We can help you.

Let Us Come to You

Rather than asking restaurants to switch to another product, BYOD asks restaurant owners to bring their own data to us. We access information from a variety of industry-leading labor, PoS and camera platforms. We integrate this with unit-specific data captured through microphones, cameras and sensors to deliver a 360-degree view of your operations. A variety of hardware packages are available and can be customized to your needs.


  • MABEL™ can be managed for a single location, multiple locations and multiple concepts by a single user

Set-Up Is Easier Than 1,2,3

MABEL™ is simple to set up and use. She offers:

  • Pre-configured checklists that are ready in minutes
  • User support via call center
  • Configuration and user control via admin capabilities
  • A detailed user guide to the administrator
  • Remote training available
  • Onboarding of restaurant data and employee database in under 30 minutes