Digital solutions for
human workforce challenges

Article by: The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association

In the age of technology, Midland-based tech company developed the world’s first intelligent automated real-time operational solution and virtual restaurant assistant as a cutting edge solution to the workforce challenges. Officially launching its beta partnership program in the fall, BYOD™ (Bring Your Own Data)  combines advanced analytics with deep learning and IoT technologies to measure restaurant performance and provide personalized, real-time actionable steps to reduce costs and support consistent operation, allowing operators to do more with less staff.

“We understand that there is an extremely shallow employee pool right now and trained hospitality staff is at a huge premium,” says BYOD™ brand manager Dave Graham. “The platform uses A.I. and machine learning to detect patterns and identify opportunities to save time and money in real-time. It acts as a support and operational assistant while managers are on duty, providing Smart Alerts that give inexperienced managers the tools and insights that typically only more experienced managers would be able to use.” 
BYOD™ employs a multi-pronged strategy for engaging and retaining staff.  First, it streamlines restaurant duties up and down the chain of command, creating clear directions and accountability. Second, it takes tasks off managers plates so they can spend more time supporting, training, and engaging their staff. Third, BYOD™ lets operators and staff know exactly how their employees are performing and exactly where improvement is needed in real time with AI-driven Smart Alerts and gamified reporting that speak to the younger generations, allowing employees to see the value they create and gives them clear, easy-to-understand goals.

Graham says BYOD™ will change the conversation regarding data, its value, and how to use it as a solution. He believes the platform is poised to completely transform the way operators do business — faster and in a shorter period of time than any other hospitality industry innovation before. “Real-time actionable insights from all the connected sources delivered to the operators and management will preserve profit, quality, and the guest experience without compromise,” he says, recognizing that this is what the industry needs both now and in the long term. 
As an endorsed partner, MRLA is offering members exclusive initial access and long term pricing discounts to implement the AI system via the beta partnership program. If you’re interested in participating in the BYOD™ Beta Partnership Program, email to get signed up and onboarded.