Today’s Special: Increased profitability with improved customer experience – hold the B.S.

BYOD™ is the Data Correlation Engine that powers MABEL™ – the world’s first virtual restaurant assistant. She helps on duty managers make better decisions in the moment with real-time smart alerts that improve customer experience and increase profitability. 

MABEL™ also provides Laborsaber™, Situation Room, a smart scheduling app, integrated event calendar, digital checklists, an unchangeable logbook and linked to-do lists.



MABEL™ takes your data, digs into it, learns everything, and then sends your MOD’s smart alerts so they can make informed decisions in real-time.
At her core, she is focused on interventional actions that ensure nothing falls through the cracks – while people make mistakes, MABEL™ doesn’t.


BYOD™ is proud to have an expanding, deep and diverse portfolio of many great businesses and organizations.

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  • Save with our state association members and enterprise pricing
  • Have a voice at the table – your engagement can help shape new updates/releases
  • Get UI/UX tailored to your business
  • Extended hands-on acclimatization period
  • Get regular check-ins and help integrating the technology into your daily routine
  • No installation fee with complimentary Platinum Onboarding


On the road

We have a full slate of events this year, if you are in the area, come in for a demo or say hi.  We’d love to here from you.  Here is a list of a few events we’ve got planned in the coming months. 

» RLC April 10, Phoenix, AZ

» NRA May 21-24, Chicago, IL

» CRSA July 12-14, Mission Point, Mackinac Island, Michigan

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are saying

“Switching to MABEL™ solved several issues we were having. We stopped using Homebase and Jolt and saw an immediate rise in issues being dealt with, tasks being completed, our sites being cleaner and our onsite managers being happier with employees who were held accountable without having to be micromanaged every minute of the day.  And it certainly hasn’t hurt saving an average of $550/week in labor costs.”

Kurt Busard, Chief Operating Officer, DRI

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